Epoch Culmination Bridging Process

Date(s) - Apr 3, 2021
10:30 am - 4:00 pm

The Epoch Culmination Story continues to unfold and various areas of research work are activating. You are welcome to join the next Epoch Culmination Story foray, as we continue to journey up the mountain. You can register here.

These next events will focus on the green and blue bridge to the rise of Indigo at the time of the advent of Rhodes, as part of seeking to appreciate how these potencies are influencing and shaping what is now unfolding.

First, there will be a bridging day on Saturday, April 3rd, to deepen in the work and to ease the path ahead. You are invited to put forward inquiries, promotions, and the fruits of your take-up by replying to this email and/or by writing directly to Genroy or Sheena.

Then, from Friday April 9th to Sunday April 11th the discovery journey will continue, including a new recording that places the advent of Rhodes inside a riveting and surprising trace, setting the stage for Indigo.

You will find the registration form here.  Further updates will be sent during the last week of March.

* As this is not an Emin Way event, registration will not be on this site. Please send questions to: natemplate@gmail.com