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Welcome to The Emin Way,

a nonprofit organization with active members all over North America, and larger groups are in Florida, New York, Tennessee, and Toronto, Canada. We are also affiliated with sister organizations in the Western USA and in 20 countries around the world.

The Emin is an ongoing exploration and endeavor to respond to the summons of the times in which we live and the urgent need we feel, in common with many others, to reclaim our lives to their natural purpose. The Emin has been pioneered and maintained as an open and unfinished philosophy of life and living for over 48 years.

The Emin gives rise to new and original templates for discovery and understanding across many fields of timeless human preoccupation and study. This template pattern offers a variety of frameworks for the personal and spiritual development of the inner and future life and facilitates a natural education in the practical and purposeful arts of living.

There is no organization or society called ‘The Emin’. Individuals, who share the same philosophical foundations, meet together in independent template networks in many countries, as well as internationally, in companionship for the exchange of ideas and discoveries.

Some of our activities are open to the public at a nominal cost. Other activities are available for supporting members only. If you are a supporting member, please log in using the login and password provided to you.

Contact us:

The Emin Way
1755 Ward Rd
Decatur, TN  37322
EminWayOffice [at] gmail [dot] com